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Creating Above-market Value

Brice Consulting is committed to help your company create above-market value in preparation for a possible ownership transfer, additional investment, or improve and perpetuate your business. Using a forward-looking strategic process to improving company value prepares the owner/CEO and/or leadership team to be able to negotiate value with a potential investor or future owner from a position of strength with an above-market or premium value.

How Will You Benefit?

  • Get an improved view of how to manage your company.
  • Create a business environment that is more satisfying and productive for your employees.
  • Become proactive in leading your business.
  • Be more comfortable with your process of making decisions.
  • Distribute the ever-present monkeys on your back onto responsible business functions.
  • Identify where you can be most effective and provide the greatest value to your business.

Five Value Factors

Brice Consulting focuses on five fundamental business value factors: Financial Stability and strength, organization of your financial systems and processes, ability of the leadership team to perpetuate the business in the absence of the owner(s), strategic position of products and services and customer good will. Poor performance in these key areas will increase in uncertainty of investor return in the mind of the investor or buyer.

Four-step Methodology

Brice Consulting uses a disciplined four-step process that addresses leadership, process, metrics and organized financials. This collaborative process pro-actively prepares the owner and leadership team to implement a value strategy to build company value, strengthen the value factors thereby increasing company value and the certainty of investor return.

Brice Consulting relies upon a rich experience in manufacturing, engineering development, marketing, sales, executive management, company ownership and successfully selling a company to offer high impact services in the following areas:

  • Leadership Team, Organization & Business Model Assessment

  • Business & Value Strategic Planning

  • Process Review & Analysis

  • Development of Metrics & Management Dashboards

  • Organization of Financial Data (Management Reporting) to Manage the Business

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