Apple Support: A Life Saver

I recently did a no-no on my quad processor Mac Pro that I spent weeks adding software and configuring trying to rectify. I will not bore you with the details leading to the incident or complexity of the mess that I created. To say the least I thought all was lost. I looked toward a discussion forum that in the past had provided good advice and direction in dealing with much smaller issues. But this time no cigar!

I happened to notice a new feature on the Apple Support page which promised that you could speak to an expert. My first impression was how much that would cost but I was desperate by this time as deadlines were beginning to press in on me. I clicked on the link and within a few pages, which collected information on my circumstances, I was at a button which said that talking to an expert was just one click away and that they would call me in one minute – right! I was game.

I had not been asked for my first born yet (she is now 36 and a lawyer so they would have had a real problem) so I clicked . . . and in approximately one minute my phone rang. An auto dialer then asked me to wait while it connected me and I expected to then enjoy the traditional, too loud, music typical of support calls. Seconds later I was talking to a very competent and professional technical guy who handled the knowledge of what I had done to my machine in a non-condescending manner. Between the two of us (more him than me) my machine was brought back to life. I was able to discover that I had not completely shot myself in the foot and I was able to get back to 99% of where I was before my incident.

I still have some cleanup to do but it looks like the overall integrity of the machine is sound, I thanked the professional voice profusely and my day improved dramatically.

Thanks Apple Support!

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