Jack Welch on Leadership & Profits

In this video Jack Welch discusses an important core competency of GE – the development of people.  Great people make great things happen.  Anyone at GE has a chance based on merit.  He emphasizes the goal of helping people achieve their dreams.  Their invitation to new employees is that if you are a dreamer and a sweater then you can succeed at GE.  GE is a people factory.

Welch discussed his early employment experience where he looked his watch to see when the day would end.  He was in a mind-numbing job and new he did not want to do it for the rest of his life.  He took charge of his career and for much of his 40-year career he did not want his day to end.  Welch declares, “I want people at GE to have that same feeling and not have a mind-numbing job.”

Welch said his job was to influence a mentoring attitude in his company.  As an example he discussed the volunteerism at GE to be active in local schools helping kids to do better in school.

When challenged by the common concept that corporations are impersonal he said, “Corporations are people and not bricks or machines.”

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