Thomas J. Watson Sr.’s Precepts

Thomas J. Watson Sr. was the President of International Business Machines (IBM) from 1914 to 1956.  He oversaw the growth of the company nto an international force before it became known for as a provider of enterprise computer solutions.  He was responsible for developing IBM’s highly respected management style and corporate culture.  IBM became one of the most effective selling organizations of its day.

Thomas J. Watson Jr. in his book Father Son & Co, summarized the set of precepts the philosophy that his father had followed in managing the business for forty years.  Although his father was called an industrialist (a term often synonymous with someone who did not have a concern for people) in his day he was guided by principles that are very contemporary today and are basic to the succes of many companies today.

  • Give full consideration to the individual employee.
  • Spend a lot of time making customers happy.
  • Go the last mile to do a thing right.

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