Healthcare Process Control

Over the weekend my father was admitted to hospital after being examined at the Group Health Seattle Urgent Care facility. While receiving excellent care which fortunately was not critical I served as his advocate and traveled with him during his x-ray and CT or cat scan. I was not expecting to come across an opportunity to collect material for this blog but I came across a wall of documents which I captured in the photo below.

In full view of those interested was the process control documentation for the imaging operation.  The eight panels of information are as follows:

  1. Customer/Stakeholder Requirements Worksheet
  2. Measurement Plan
  3. Process Map
  4. Process Flow Chart
  5. Fishbone Chart
  6. Training Plan and Completion
  7. Raw Data by Location
  8. Service Level Chart

Obviously this department has made a major effort to monitor its ability to serve its customers (patients) to make sure that their turnaround times are competitive.  It is apparent that they wanted those who visited the department to see how they were doing compared to the other imaging services at other Group Health locations.  I am sure that in addition to minimizing time on the machines by patients it also provided insight to the throughput capacity and utilization of a heavily capitalized diagnostic department.  Those machines cost a bundle.

You may not take the same effort in your operation to display all of this for your customers but it begs the question of whether you have similar content to show your customer to illustrate your concern for how you are serving them.  Process control documentation displayed in such a visible and transparent manner clearly demonstrates the atitude toward a high level of service to not only your customer but also the employees involved.  I have found that employees in departments using this type of process control display pay close attention to what they do and take great pride in what they do when the results (charts) show a high level of performance.

After viewing this information my expectations were reset and I paid close attention to other departments that we traveled through.  While I did not see another similar display it is clear that there is a process control mentality in place in this organization.

The next time you attend the hospital look or their process control documentation.

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