Morten Hansen – How Great Leaders Make Their Own Luck


  1. Productive paranoia:
    1. What can go wrong?
    2. Channel it into action.
  2. Fanatic Discipline:
    1. Fanatic commitment to the quest.
  3. Empirical Creativity:
    1. Root ideas in actual data.
    2. They try out things to make sure they work.
    3. They don’t bet big.
  4. Visionaries in the market don’t see the future:
    1. Created future for empirical “child.”
    2. If it sticks then they bet.
  5. Leadership is not abut betting big but about conducting the trials to make it happen.
  6. Succes is more about preparing for bad luck events than good luck events.
  7. Get a higher return on luck: 
    1. When good luck events happen – seize the moment!
    2. Execute brilliantly when you have a good luck event.

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