The Necessity of Process Management


  1. Many in business feel that process is to be avoided.
  2. Process means that your work is slow, bureaucratic, and non-adaptive.
  3. Creative areas like marketing believe that what they do cannot be reduced to a process.
  4. Process: A series of steps by which something gets done to accomplish a goal.
  5. Processes can be slow, rigid or fast or adaptive depending upon their design.
  6. Example:
    1. A hospital emergency room is a fast paced, phrenetic, and unpredictable environment where there is a well defined set of processes.
    2. A SWAT team going to make an entry has a set of well defined processes by which it operates. It does not just enter a building and act randomly.
  7. All business progress over the last two centuries has been the result of instituting appropriate processes in functional and cross-functional areas.

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