Top 10 Differences Between Managers and Leaders

Scott Williams provides 10 clear distinctives to help understand the difference between a manager and a leader.


  1. Leaders
    1. Believe in others
    2. Encourage others to be more, to do more.
    3. Challenge others to dream and think big.
    4. Correct others to get back in line.
  2. Managers and Leaders have different roles.
    1. Leaders develop followers to be leaders and managers manage people to do things.
  3. 10 comparisons between leaders and managers.
    1. Essence – Mangers are focused on stability; Leaders are focused on change.
    2. Rules – Managers make the rules; Leaders break the rules for the sake of what they are leading.
    3. Approach – Managers plan details; Leaders set direction “This is where we are going!”
    4. Culture – Managers execute; Leaders shape the culture.
    5. Conflict – Managers try to avoid conflict; Leaders see conflict as an asset as there will be no movement without friction.
    6. Direction – Managers go down existing (comfortable) roads; Leaders go down new roads.
    7. Credit – Managers tend to take credit; Leaders give out credit to those around them.
    8. Decisions – Managers make decisions; Leaders facilitate decisions, create buy-in in a healthy way.
    9. Vision – Managers tell; Leaders sell their vision.
    10. Style – Managers are usually transactional; Leaders are transformational – organization, people, etc.
  4. Key question on whether or not your are a leader: If your title was removed would people still follow you?
    1. Managers change things; Leaders change the world.
  5. Be a world changer -> Be a leader.


  1. Stephanie Cruz says

    This message was presented so effectively and really resonates, thank for sharing!

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