Financial Reporting: What is Your Message?

Accounting reports record the financial performance (Profit/Loss) and standing (Balance Sheet) of the company. They provide information to those interested in the financial score of the company and are used, if designed properly, to serve the interests of various audiences. In order to effectively address the questions of each audience you need to understand their […]

Normalizing Bias in ROI Analysis

The decision to make a capital investment in a business should be subjected to an ROI(Return On Investment) Analysis where the cost and benefit of the investment are analyzed. The objective of the analysis is to see how fast the cost of the investment will return value and recover the investment in a reasonable time […]

The Best Read: Reading Your Financials!

For many people the most boring aspect of running a business is reading their financials. For some it is so onerous they try to avoid the experience every month and only want to know the bottom number – profit or loss! However, your P/L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements are the cardiogram of your […]

Win-Win Banking Relationships

Having a positive working relationship with your banking institution is critical in a turbulent economy. Having a good understanding of your banks lending policy is a given but there are additional factors that come into play when a loan is necessary. Factors that can make this process a Win-Win situation are: Honesty is at the […]

Personal Guarantees and Your Business

Operating and growing a business often requires injections of cash to provide the working capital for expansion in staff, equipment, and market promotion campaign or to just get through a tight business climate and preserve essential resources. Depending upon your source for credit you may be asked to make a personal guarantee. Despite your confidence […]