Why Not You?

A guiding slogan in the Seattle Seahawk organization during the regular season and playoffs was “Why not us?” This inspirational slogan originated from Seahawk quarterback, Russell Wilson, whose father would tell him as a young boy “Russ, why not you? Why can’t you be a world champion, whatever you want to be?” The season ending […]

Succession Planning: Design or Accident

The US census reports that as of 2007 there were just over 6M privately held businesses with paid employees.  Of those 2.2M (36%) businesses were owned by owner’s aged 55 and above.  Including the next age range bracket (45 to 55) you include another 2M business.  You therefore have upwards of 70% of all privately […]

Effective Planning: Interest or Commitment

The goal of many businesses is to be effective in their business planning which may range from new products to market forecasts to forecasting supply chain demand to revenue forecast, etc.  In many cases companies invest significant time and resources to their “planning” focus only to fall short of their objectives.  Why? The answer lies […]

6 Principles of Good Process Management

Long-term business success and profitability is directly related to the strength and quality of your business processes.  Well designed business processes are as important as expensive machines, location and design of your facilities, and price/performance of your IT infrastructure. Business processes are, for the most part, transparent even though they direct the activities – in a good or […]

Change Management ⇔ Good Management

Change management is a dreaded assignment in many companies. It is not leading edge and is normally associated with what a newbie would be asked to do when they joined the company. Those working on new products work hard to avoid any type of sustaining responsibility, which is viewed as a cleanup job to be […]