Lukewarm Leadership: Knowledge without Practice

A surprising condition among those in leadership positions is a tendency to avoid taking or deferring action when various business challenges or crisis occur. This might be a difficult or complex organization issue, supporting an ambitious new product plan, standing up for the organization to senior management or the board, or engaging in a difficult […]

Stand Tall: Stand on Principle or Go With the Flow?

As an owner, CEO, senior manager or supervisor of a small group, you are often called upon to “stand tall” on making not only basic business decisions but also upholding the principles and values of the company. Most business decisions can be reduced to numbers, rules, and standards. But pressure on company management to compromise […]

I Will Honor the Quote but I am Going Out of Business

I recently engaged a business to do work at my house. On arriving I learned that the owner was doing the work and by the way he was going out of business after completing this project for me. Over the next three days of work (not contiguous) I learned the reasons for the failure of […]

Five steps to Develop a Successful Management Comfort Zone?

We all experience situations where we feel our strengths and core competencies are matched with the circumstances that we find our selves in.  When this happens we are prone to say that we are in our comfort “zone”.  The more times we find ourselves in the “zone” we are more satisfied and feel more productive. […]

Cutting Back?: 4 Big Steps to Financial Survival

Since businesses in the US and for the most part the rest of the world cannot print money (unlike our government) when it comes to solving cash flow issues, company leadership have to look inward as to what they can do and make the hard decisions to adjust expenses down to meet lower revenue.  In […]