Know your product?

Business success is dependant upon providing a product or service that is valued by the marketplace thereby creating a recurring demand that perpetuates the business.  Unfortunately many businesses loose sight of what the product or service is that the market values.  As a result their market potential falls short of what it could be and […]

What are Your Customer Feedback Obstacles?

I recently contacted my broker concerning a problem with the way the company had conducted a specific transaction. I asked the local office for someone to contact at the corporate office, where the problem occurred, and after three days all that could be provided was a fax number – no name. I prepared the fax […]

Three Steps to Protect Customer Confidence?

There have been a number of tragic events lately in various industries – oil refining, mining, automotive, pharmaceuticals, commercial airlines – to name a few. In each of these instances severe injuries and/or fatalities of employees, customers and the general public occurred creating public outrage over what happened to those involved and how it might […]

Get the Facts!

Our new innovative product on the new 747-400 was experiencing a high failure rate during installation. Boeing engineering pointed the finger back to us as producing a failure prone product. However, due to our recent adoption of SPC tools and processes the failure modes were not indicative of a manufacturing related defect or failure. Boeing […]

Unusual Follow-up!!!

I recently had a notice appear on the screen of my PC alerting me to the upcoming expiration of a software license. The alert gave me the impression that by clicking through I would be presented with the correct version of software to order and extend the license one more year. Unexpectedly as I went […]