Style Guide: Do you have one?

Customer purchasing habits have changed markedly since the development and rapid expansion of web based applications where you can find almost anything at anytime.  Consequently the science of attracting and retaining customers has become very sophisticated involving SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and one-click shopping for example This has become even more challenging for businesses with […]

Fulfilling Commitments: Foundation of Your Brand?

Commitments are the foundation of business transactions and a positive relationship between the business and customer.  Many of these commitments are formally reduced to contract language that governs the boundaries and conditions of performance between the business and the customer. My focus in this post is not on those commitments that you are contractually obligated […]

Six Principles to Build a Unique Business

As business owners, leaders and professionals we are constantly instructed to differentiate our products and services.  Despite the best efforts of many they become “me to” businesses adopting what the market leaders are doing without establishing what unique value they offer customers or incorporating the necessary activities to truly operate a unique business like the […]

Know your product?

Business success is dependant upon providing a product or service that is valued by the marketplace thereby creating a recurring demand that perpetuates the business.  Unfortunately many businesses loose sight of what the product or service is that the market values.  As a result their market potential falls short of what it could be and […]

Business Process: Only as Good as the Weakest Link

I recently had the opportunity to experience getting my smart phone repaired by the manufacturer.  The manufacturer of my smart phone is regarded as the premier design and manufacturer of high end Android smart phones.  Despite their high technology reputation and my high level of smart phone satisfaction the repair process had a very weak […]