Strategic Planning and the Customer

When I work with a company to develop a strategic plan I find a common perspective. The discussion always begins with what a dialog concerning the capability of the company to do what they feel they do well. How good the products are. How advanced the technology is. Or, how effective the service is. These […]

What are Your Customer Feedback Obstacles?

I recently contacted my broker concerning a problem with the way the company had conducted a specific transaction. I asked the local office for someone to contact at the corporate office, where the problem occurred, and after three days all that could be provided was a fax number – no name. I prepared the fax […]

Style: Is it Important?

Is your professional style important? Style is defined as the way you make decisions or solve problems, resolve conflict and relate to others – peers, subordinates, superiors, customers, etc. Your style can be a make-or-break factor to your success. It is the primary factor that influences the experience someone has when they come in contact […]

Change Management ⇔ Good Management

Change management is a dreaded assignment in many companies. It is not leading edge and is normally associated with what a newbie would be asked to do when they joined the company. Those working on new products work hard to avoid any type of sustaining responsibility, which is viewed as a cleanup job to be […]

Three Steps to Protect Customer Confidence?

There have been a number of tragic events lately in various industries – oil refining, mining, automotive, pharmaceuticals, commercial airlines – to name a few. In each of these instances severe injuries and/or fatalities of employees, customers and the general public occurred creating public outrage over what happened to those involved and how it might […]