The Necessity of Process Management

Summary: Many in business feel that process is to be avoided. Process means that your work is slow, bureaucratic, and non-adaptive. Creative areas like marketing believe that what they do cannot be reduced to a process. Process: A series of steps by which something gets done to accomplish a goal. Processes can be slow, rigid […]

The Crucial Skill for Tomorrow’s Leaders

What is the single most important skill that leaders of the future will need?   Dr. Angel Cabrera, President, Thunderbird School of Management Future leaders need the trust of their followers. There is not a leader without followers. Any follower takes a leap of faith trusting the judgment of the leader. Trust is hard to […]

Ethical Leadership

  Summary: Introduction: Associate Professor James Michael Haley Paul Hennigan – President. Point Park University John Krause – VP Corporate Governance, Compliance, and Ethics, H.J. Heinz Company Heinz Company Promotes ethic standards through the ethics and compliance global departments using communication, training and mentoring Communication – constantly pulse out a message so that Heinz employees know […]

Strategic Planning with the Balanced Scorecard

Summary: Balanced – think about your organization not as silos but holistically Financial – how do we look to our shareholders? Customers – what value do we provide to our customers to achieve our financial goals? Internal – what internal processes must we excel at in order to deliver value to the customer People – what skills and […]

What Is A Business Model?

Summary: What is a “Business Model?” Not MBA Jargon. A prototype of a venture. Meaningless management speak. Corporate fashionista. Business Model A way to understand organizations. As systems. That have common components. To understand an organization’s business model – think about What value it creates? Who it serves? What sets it apart? What resources it depends […]