Exit Strategy: Do You Have a Roadmap to Success?

There are many business owners today that are approaching the final phase of running their business where they have to consider how they are going to exit (leave the company) and on what terms. While there are many scenarios that can be played out there are at least three key questions that come into play: […]

True Company Value

Owners and stakeholders want good value for their investment when the business is sold.  Value, however, in the transaction means different things to each party.  To those who have an equity position it means a big check – hopefully! To the buying person or group it expresses the level of certainty in the return on […]

Exit Planning: Plan or Accident?

Owners and senior executives who are involved in the decision to sell and exit a company may have a good plan for the company but an important question is, “Does it satisfy the long term individual interests of those participating in the transaction?” When approached by a prospective buyer the focus quickly becomes the ability […]