Five Passion Principles for Business Success

A unique ingredient in the success of many companies is the level of passion possessed by the leader and their ability to transfer that passion into the daily activities of the organization. While some companies may have superior employees based upon academic background and accomplishment, and great product technology that differentiate them in the market; […]

Sparky on Leadership

The late Sparky Anderson, Hall of Fame baseball manager and the only major league manager to win world series with teams in both leagues (American – Detroit and National – Cincinnati), was quoted on a number of subjects.  Sparky was a humble man about his role as a manager,  Two quotes that I feel apply to those in leadership today […]

Thomas J. Watson Sr.’s Precepts

Thomas J. Watson Sr. was the President of International Business Machines (IBM) from 1914 to 1956.  He oversaw the growth of the company nto an international force before it became known for as a provider of enterprise computer solutions.  He was responsible for developing IBM’s highly respected management style and corporate culture.  IBM became one of the […]