Breaking Glass Ceilings and Walls

As owners and members of senior leadership we can often become too complacent with the level of review and scrutiny that we apply to our businesses.  I call this the “glass ceiling “ syndrome where we ease into an attitude of believing we have done all we can do and there is nothing else that […]

Avoid the Downside of Cash Flow Modeling Your Business

Cash Flow Modeling offers a number of upsides to proactive business management.  This discipline requires that the model represent a reasonable representation of how your business will respond dynamically to various business conditions, stimulus or adversity.  Consequently executive management can anticipate a cash crisis ahead of time, adjust the timing of various cash based decision, […]

Starting a Business?

I was recently contacted to advise someone who wanted to develop a business plan for a new business.  The individual was very confident in their qualifications to successfully organize and start this business.  I decided to meet with them to determine if there was the right chemistry for this to be a successful engagement. In […]

Cash Flow Modeling: An Early Warning System to Manage Business Financial Health

The day-in day-out duties of running a business can give you a false sense of confidence that you have a good handle on the financial challenges that lie ahead for your business.  One of the most significant omissions that owners and founders make is not committing to a regular process that forecasts or models the […]

Normalizing Bias in ROI Analysis

The decision to make a capital investment in a business should be subjected to an ROI(Return On Investment) Analysis where the cost and benefit of the investment are analyzed. The objective of the analysis is to see how fast the cost of the investment will return value and recover the investment in a reasonable time […]