Marketing: Is it the Right Decision?

From time-to-time, I am asked if I would recommend that a company should invest in “marketing?”  If you are in business, obviously you should market your products and services, but the “what, where, how much, how do I know it worked” should go into making that decision. Many companies rushed to the web in the […]

Do You Have An Effective Market Strategy?

“Strategy should be developed from the bottom up, not the top down . . .In military warfare, the serious student of strategy begins with the study of the bayonet” – Marketing Warfare, Ries & Trout What is the underlying message in this quote? A smarter strategy will overcome just working harder in the trenches. Do […]

Is Your Company Strategy "Customer" Engaged?

Much is said about strategic planning and the role it plays in directing company activity. However, do all strategic planning processes result in an engagement of company resources toward the right activities to meet customer needs? I have been party to a number of strategic planning engagements where the initial intent was to develop a […]