Are You Managing Your “Lines” of Business?

A common problem in small to medium size businesses is realizing that the business is really two or more lines of business. This condition is exacerbated by the tendency to view financial reports as a necessary evil in order to meet tax obligations and not as a tool to manage the business. As a result, […]

Management Dashboard: Is it of Value?

A management dashboard informs executive management on the state of the business and, when necessary, report alerts on key production, sales, quality, revenue or profit performance so that timely and accurate decisions can be made in running the business.  This type of management tool is fundamental to the running of any high performing business. Surprisingly, […]

Do You Value Process Engineering?

I am a strong believer in business owners and senior leadership teams taking the time to understand, at a detail level, the workflow and processes of the business that they own or run. My foundation for this belief is based on my years as a senior manager and business owner. I have invested in detail […]

The Necessity of Process Management

Summary: Many in business feel that process is to be avoided. Process means that your work is slow, bureaucratic, and non-adaptive. Creative areas like marketing believe that what they do cannot be reduced to a process. Process: A series of steps by which something gets done to accomplish a goal. Processes can be slow, rigid […]

Can I Afford to Add a New Person?

Owners and senior leaders can stumble when it comes to adding a new person.  This is often an emotional decision to fix what appears to be an immediate problem or opportunity that you and other employees cannot handle or handle well.  While it may be relatively easy to hire an additional person (assuming they are […]