Compliance or Management Reporting?

A struggle in many companies is the investment in resources to meet accounting compliance reporting requirements and the amount of resources left over to provide management with information to manage the company.  When companies are small it is difficult to afford staff and time to do both so you know which one – compliance – […]

The Impact of Standards: Path to Productivity

I took responsibility for a collection of manufacturing operations that supported final assembly businesses that were well regarded and considered to be operating “OK”. However, it was not too long after I arrived that I recognized that the “OK” impression was related to how much their internal customers were complaining regarding on time deliveries within […]

Executive Success Attribute: Trust, but Verify

“Trust, but verify” was a signature phrase adopted and made famous by President Ronald Reagan and he frequently used it when discussing US relations with the Soviet Union.  This phrase or its derivations are also used by other agencies, book titles, legal arguments, entertainment shows and music lyrics.  It is interesting that many successful executives […]

Business Process: Only as Good as the Weakest Link

I recently had the opportunity to experience getting my smart phone repaired by the manufacturer.  The manufacturer of my smart phone is regarded as the premier design and manufacturer of high end Android smart phones.  Despite their high technology reputation and my high level of smart phone satisfaction the repair process had a very weak […]

4 Areas to Consider When Planning Your New Year

If you are reading this and giving consideration to your business plan for next year then you are among a select group – those who are still in business after a rough year in a tough economy. Hopefully you used some sort of plan for critical objectives to enter last year and for the most […]