Why Not You?

A guiding slogan in the Seattle Seahawk organization during the regular season and playoffs was “Why not us?” This inspirational slogan originated from Seahawk quarterback, Russell Wilson, whose father would tell him as a young boy “Russ, why not you? Why can’t you be a world champion, whatever you want to be?” The season ending […]

Carpe Diem: Make Your Business Extraordinary

Carpe Diem, translated as “seize the day”, is from a poem published in 23BC by the Latin poet Horace. The meaning of this phrase is to not trust the future (or tomorrow,) but to do all one can today to make one’s future better. In a business context, it is to maximize your current opportunities […]

Five Passion Principles for Business Success

A unique ingredient in the success of many companies is the level of passion possessed by the leader and their ability to transfer that passion into the daily activities of the organization. While some companies may have superior employees based upon academic background and accomplishment, and great product technology that differentiate them in the market; […]

Grow Your Stars — Don’t Buy Them

Summary: Grow Your Stars — Don’t Buy Them Groom top-performers from the inside instead of looking for them on the outside. Companies often look to the outside for top-performers Buyers of outside top-performers beware. When top-performers moved from one company to another their performance declined. Being a top-performer is often not due to their ability but supporting functions – admin, […]

The Biggest Mistake a Leader Can Make

  Summary:  What is the most significant mistake a leader can make? Bill George, Professor, Harvard Business School They put their self interests in front of the best interests of the institutions and organizations they run. The greatest failing of a leader – looking out for their own fame, power and money. Drucker: Leadership is about responsibility. […]