Know your product?

Business success is dependant upon providing a product or service that is valued by the marketplace thereby creating a recurring demand that perpetuates the business.  Unfortunately many businesses loose sight of what the product or service is that the market values.  As a result their market potential falls short of what it could be and […]

Business Models: Project vs. Product

I often get asked about the difference between project and product centric business models.  Both have their place in the marketplace but require different approaches in their business model to be cost and quality efficient in serving their customers.  You rarely find a successful business running both models through the same organization. The following is […]

Effective Planning: Interest or Commitment

The goal of many businesses is to be effective in their business planning which may range from new products to market forecasts to forecasting supply chain demand to revenue forecast, etc.  In many cases companies invest significant time and resources to their “planning” focus only to fall short of their objectives.  Why? The answer lies […]

Change Management ⇔ Good Management

Change management is a dreaded assignment in many companies. It is not leading edge and is normally associated with what a newbie would be asked to do when they joined the company. Those working on new products work hard to avoid any type of sustaining responsibility, which is viewed as a cleanup job to be […]

New Product Introduction (NPI): What is your target?

Businesses commit high-valued resources (people, cash and windows of opportunity) to develop and introduce new products to market. Unfortunately, in many cases, product development is well along before attention is applied to whether the NPI process is appropriate for the product and the targeted market. This is particularly true of products where the product definition […]