Change Management ⇔ Good Management

Change management is a dreaded assignment in many companies. It is not leading edge and is normally associated with what a newbie would be asked to do when they joined the company. Those working on new products work hard to avoid any type of sustaining responsibility, which is viewed as a cleanup job to be […]

New Product Introduction (NPI): What is your target?

Businesses commit high-valued resources (people, cash and windows of opportunity) to develop and introduce new products to market. Unfortunately, in many cases, product development is well along before attention is applied to whether the NPI process is appropriate for the product and the targeted market. This is particularly true of products where the product definition […]

Product Customization – Boom or Bust

A challenge that many companies (small & large) wrestle with is the issue of product customization outside of the standard features that allow some form of user customization at order configuration. This often requires an investment in engineering, new documentation, quoting an engineering change charge and/or new product price and tailoring the manufacturing/build/test cycle to […]