Business Assessment: Don’t Forget the Corner Office!

I have performed a number of business assessments where the owner or senior leader requests an outside viewpoint on how things are working within the company. While there is definitely a lot to examine, analyze, and report recommendations for improvement, the area that is normally off limits is the role and influence of the corner […]

Why Not You?

A guiding slogan in the Seattle Seahawk organization during the regular season and playoffs was “Why not us?” This inspirational slogan originated from Seahawk quarterback, Russell Wilson, whose father would tell him as a young boy “Russ, why not you? Why can’t you be a world champion, whatever you want to be?” The season ending […]

What Is A Business Model?

Summary: What is a “Business Model?” Not MBA Jargon. A prototype of a venture. Meaningless management speak. Corporate fashionista. Business Model A way to understand organizations. As systems. That have common components. To understand an organization’s business model – think about What value it creates? Who it serves? What sets it apart? What resources it depends […]

Can I Afford to Add a New Person?

Owners and senior leaders can stumble when it comes to adding a new person.  This is often an emotional decision to fix what appears to be an immediate problem or opportunity that you and other employees cannot handle or handle well.  While it may be relatively easy to hire an additional person (assuming they are […]

Denny Howard Retires: Reflections

I received a notice today that a person who had a tremendous influence on my professional career was retiring at the end of this year. While we only worked together for just over two years his fingerprints are all over my approach to managing business operations. It was the summer of 1975 when I arrived […]