Normalizing Bias in ROI Analysis

The decision to make a capital investment in a business should be subjected to an ROI(Return On Investment) Analysis where the cost and benefit of the investment are analyzed. The objective of the analysis is to see how fast the cost of the investment will return value and recover the investment in a reasonable time […]

6 Principles to Make Your Financial Statements Make Sense?

Business success is measured in terms of producing predictable and consistent profitability? Profit is the result of Revenue exceeding Expenses. All you need is to sell a product or service at a price greater than the cost of designing, producing, marketing, selling, delivering and servicing that product or service every day, day-in and day-out. This […]

Is Your Line of Business Profitable?

Anyone who owns or runs a business knows if they are profitable or not. They look at the P/L at the end of the month and to see if the bean counters show that all revenue exceeds all expenses for the period producing “earnings”. This may not be the true profitability of your “line of […]

Are you Managing or Leading?

I am passionate about the four key elements that I feel are critical to running a successful company. These elements are Leadership, Process, Metrics and Organized Financials. The cornerstone of this four-step methodology is Leadership. Do not use confuse this with the term “management” or “managing”. Leadership involves inspiring others with a clear vision of […]