Business Assessment ROI: 5 Critical Factors

High performing companies conduct some form of regular (annual or bi-annual) assessment of their business practices. A business assessment measures how well the current or observed business practices of a company compare to a set of industry appropriate best practices. Larger companies may use an internal multi-discipline team or internal audit group to measure and […]

Are You Taking Time to Think?

The task of managing and leading a business is a consuming responsibility. There are many things to consider, issues to deal with and problems to solve. It can become so hectic and demanding that you can fall into a habit of being controlled by events, reacting to circumstances, and dealing with the unexpected. The result […]

Is Your Organization Teed Up for Success?

Conventional management thinking relies upon strategic planning as the primary method to align company resources to achieve business success.  I support this thinking for the most part but I believe the strategic planning process may not consider all of the issues that it should. The typical strategic planning process may not surface key organization shortcomings […]

Breaking Glass Ceilings and Walls

As owners and members of senior leadership we can often become too complacent with the level of review and scrutiny that we apply to our businesses.  I call this the “glass ceiling “ syndrome where we ease into an attitude of believing we have done all we can do and there is nothing else that […]

Five steps to Develop a Successful Management Comfort Zone?

We all experience situations where we feel our strengths and core competencies are matched with the circumstances that we find our selves in.  When this happens we are prone to say that we are in our comfort “zone”.  The more times we find ourselves in the “zone” we are more satisfied and feel more productive. […]