The Necessity of Process Management

Summary: Many in business feel that process is to be avoided. Process means that your work is slow, bureaucratic, and non-adaptive. Creative areas like marketing believe that what they do cannot be reduced to a process. Process: A series of steps by which something gets done to accomplish a goal. Processes can be slow, rigid […]

What Is A Business Model?

Summary: What is a “Business Model?” Not MBA Jargon. A prototype of a venture. Meaningless management speak. Corporate fashionista. Business Model A way to understand organizations. As systems. That have common components. To understand an organization’s business model – think about What value it creates? Who it serves? What sets it apart? What resources it depends […]

Business Model: If You Can’t Draw It, You Don’t Understand It.

Business owner’s, CEO’s or Senior Executive’s are responsible for not only operating their business but also perfecting the business model of that business.  Many people run a business but do not look at it as a business model, which defines the unique manner in which the various operations of the company interact as a system […]

Denny Howard Retires: Reflections

I received a notice today that a person who had a tremendous influence on my professional career was retiring at the end of this year. While we only worked together for just over two years his fingerprints are all over my approach to managing business operations. It was the summer of 1975 when I arrived […]

Six Principles to Build a Unique Business

As business owners, leaders and professionals we are constantly instructed to differentiate our products and services.  Despite the best efforts of many they become “me to” businesses adopting what the market leaders are doing without establishing what unique value they offer customers or incorporating the necessary activities to truly operate a unique business like the […]