Strategy or Tactics: Big Picture or Day-to-Day Focus

A constant conflict in many businesses is the struggle between investing in long-term strategic planning to grow the business and executing short-term tactical activities to meet company objectives and customer needs.  Feeding one and starving the other can result in not enough forward thinking or lack of focus and commitment to operational objectives. Successful businesses […]

Business Model vs. Business Plan

The cornerstone in preparing a successful strategic plan is the integrity and effectiveness of the business model that the company uses to exploit opportunities.  Too often energy and urgency is applied to developing a business plan without determining if the business model is structured and resourced for success. What is the difference between a business […]

Is Your Organization Teed Up for Success?

Conventional management thinking relies upon strategic planning as the primary method to align company resources to achieve business success.  I support this thinking for the most part but I believe the strategic planning process may not consider all of the issues that it should. The typical strategic planning process may not surface key organization shortcomings […]

Is Your Business a Solution?

Early in the technology phase of my business career the market frenzy for new products was such that it was too easy to be technology or product and not solution centric when selling to customers.  We all recall how the rush to buy the next PC that came to market without understanding how we would […]

Taking the Time to be Strategic

Why do owners and leaders fight being strategic? It is a chronic problem in many businesses. It is not that the leadership team is not capable of being strategic but taking the time to be strategic. Time is a critical commodity and most work environments are designed (most often by accident) to reward people for […]