What Keeps You Awake at Night: Sales?

One of the more common business issues that weigh on owners and senior leaders, particularly at night when they should be sleeping, is the ability of their businesses to meet sales objectives. A business is committed to daily expenses that must be absorbed by incoming sales in the form of orders from customers that can […]

Business Models: Project vs. Product

I often get asked about the difference between project and product centric business models.  Both have their place in the marketplace but require different approaches in their business model to be cost and quality efficient in serving their customers.  You rarely find a successful business running both models through the same organization. The following is […]

Effective Planning: Interest or Commitment

The goal of many businesses is to be effective in their business planning which may range from new products to market forecasts to forecasting supply chain demand to revenue forecast, etc.  In many cases companies invest significant time and resources to their “planning” focus only to fall short of their objectives.  Why? The answer lies […]

Choosing a Consultant

Hiring an outside consultant is a common practice in many businesses. The need to do this is often due to the need for a particular skill or function that is not present or available in the organization but not one that the organization is prepared to add as a permanent employee. Another reason for hiring […]

Product Customization – Boom or Bust

A challenge that many companies (small & large) wrestle with is the issue of product customization outside of the standard features that allow some form of user customization at order configuration. This often requires an investment in engineering, new documentation, quoting an engineering change charge and/or new product price and tailoring the manufacturing/build/test cycle to […]