What Keeps You Awake at Night: Sales?

One of the more common business issues that weigh on owners and senior leaders, particularly at night when they should be sleeping, is the ability of their businesses to meet sales objectives. A business is committed to daily expenses that must be absorbed by incoming sales in the form of orders from customers that can […]

Key to Improving Performance: Baseline Assessments

To be competitive on the tennis court, golf course or effective working out at the gym it is an accepted practice of business owners and senior executive leaders to engage a coach or trainer to help them do better in their selected sport or activity.  The first session is used to evaluate basic movements so […]

Know your product?

Business success is dependant upon providing a product or service that is valued by the marketplace thereby creating a recurring demand that perpetuates the business.  Unfortunately many businesses loose sight of what the product or service is that the market values.  As a result their market potential falls short of what it could be and […]

When to Say No to Business!

Successful businesses understand the importance of saying No to bad business. This article addresses some of the criteria that you should consider when chasing an order before saying Yes when maybe you should have said No.

Character: Cornerstone of Win/Win Success in Business

Steven Covey in his 1990 bestseller “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” devotes a number of pages of his book to discussing the 5 Dimensions of Win/Win. His premise is that thinking Win/Win is the habit of interpersonal leadership. This is a key point in that many of us are small business owners or […]