Know Your Business is in Control!

Every business owner wants a smooth running business that produces products and services that more than satisfy their customers upon first use (it works when you turn it on) providing high reliability (here it works each and every time). However, we have all had purchasing experiences that conflict with this view where the product or […]

Do You Value Process Engineering?

I am a strong believer in business owners and senior leadership teams taking the time to understand, at a detail level, the workflow and processes of the business that they own or run. My foundation for this belief is based on my years as a senior manager and business owner. I have invested in detail […]

Healthcare Process Control

Over the weekend my father was admitted to hospital after being examined at the Group Health Seattle Urgent Care facility. While receiving excellent care which fortunately was not critical I served as his advocate and traveled with him during his x-ray and CT or cat scan. I was not expecting to come across an opportunity […]

Metrics, Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 5 Principles to Make them Work for your Company

Many companies rely upon metrics, scorecards and key performance indicators (KPIs) – see definitions below – to measure and monitor the effectiveness of the components of business performance. Is this all you need – metrics, charts, variances – to be successful? No! Exception reporting, KPIs for KPIs sake, charting without understanding and responsibility does not […]

WWDD: What Would Deming Do?

“No one has to change. Survival is optional.” W. Edwards Deming Several lifetimes ago (1983) I attended a 3.5 day seminar in San Diego and joined over 300 people from various manufacturing and service companies to listen to W. Edwards Deming. Deming is attributed to be the father of the evolution of manufacturing in the […]