Critical Thinking: Cornerstone to Making Good Decisions?

Businesses succeed and fail over time based on the effectiveness of their decision making process. There are the over-night wonders that stumble into the right market with the right product at the right time. However, the ability to survive, grow and fend off competition becomes dependent upon making good decisions and not relying on another […]

Exit Strategy: Do You Have a Roadmap to Success?

There are many business owners today that are approaching the final phase of running their business where they have to consider how they are going to exit (leave the company) and on what terms. While there are many scenarios that can be played out there are at least three key questions that come into play: […]

What Are Your Core Business Values?

Most business owners claim that their businesses operate on a set of core values. Many of these same business owners will claim, and even boast, that these core values guide every aspect of the business. However, when I performed an assessment of many of these organizations, it quickly became obvious that the “real” core values […]

Strategic Planning with the Balanced Scorecard

Summary: Balanced – think about your organization not as silos but holistically Financial – how do we look to our shareholders? Customers – what value do we provide to our customers to achieve our financial goals? Internal – what internal processes must we excel at in order to deliver value to the customer People – what skills and […]

Business Assessment ROI: 5 Critical Factors

High performing companies conduct some form of regular (annual or bi-annual) assessment of their business practices. A business assessment measures how well the current or observed business practices of a company compare to a set of industry appropriate best practices. Larger companies may use an internal multi-discipline team or internal audit group to measure and […]