Time Management: Are you In Control?

As a business owner or senior executive your biggest day-to-day challenge may be managing your time. Lack of organizing and prioritizing what you do each day, how you deal with distractions or what responsibilities you take on that others should handle consumes valuable time and energy that can be more effectively applied to higher priority […]

Can I Afford to Add a New Person?

Owners and senior leaders can stumble when it comes to adding a new person.  This is often an emotional decision to fix what appears to be an immediate problem or opportunity that you and other employees cannot handle or handle well.  While it may be relatively easy to hire an additional person (assuming they are […]

The Biggest Mistake a Leader Can Make

  Summary:  What is the most significant mistake a leader can make? Bill George, Professor, Harvard Business School They put their self interests in front of the best interests of the institutions and organizations they run. The greatest failing of a leader – looking out for their own fame, power and money. Drucker: Leadership is about responsibility. […]

Business: Values & Principles

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.” C. S. Lewis “Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.” Abraham Lincoln Values and principles the key component of any organization and they define the basis upon which decisions are made and organization conduct occurs.  Used as the […]

Conquering Fear

Successfully running a business involves conquering fear on a regular basis.  You may be self-confident, trim/fit/energetic, highly trained and educated, a natural for the job but this does not mean that you will be immune to fear when confronted with a business challenge. When we find ourselves outside our comfort zone or when there does […]