What Are Your Core Business Values?

Most business owners claim that their businesses operate on a set of core values. Many of these same business owners will claim, and even boast, that these core values guide every aspect of the business. However, when I performed an assessment of many of these organizations, it quickly became obvious that the “real” core values […]

Carpe Diem: Make Your Business Extraordinary

Carpe Diem, translated as “seize the day”, is from a poem published in 23BC by the Latin poet Horace. The meaning of this phrase is to not trust the future (or tomorrow,) but to do all one can today to make one’s future better. In a business context, it is to maximize your current opportunities […]

Five Passion Principles for Business Success

A unique ingredient in the success of many companies is the level of passion possessed by the leader and their ability to transfer that passion into the daily activities of the organization. While some companies may have superior employees based upon academic background and accomplishment, and great product technology that differentiate them in the market; […]

Six Principles to Build a Unique Business

As business owners, leaders and professionals we are constantly instructed to differentiate our products and services.  Despite the best efforts of many they become “me to” businesses adopting what the market leaders are doing without establishing what unique value they offer customers or incorporating the necessary activities to truly operate a unique business like the […]

Business: Values & Principles

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.” C. S. Lewis “Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.” Abraham Lincoln Values and principles the key component of any organization and they define the basis upon which decisions are made and organization conduct occurs.  Used as the […]