Morten Hansen – How Great Leaders Make Their Own Luck

Summary: Productive paranoia: What can go wrong? Channel it into action. Fanatic Discipline: Fanatic commitment to the quest. Empirical Creativity: Root ideas in actual data. They try out things to make sure they work. They don’t bet big. Visionaries in the market don’t see the future: Created future for empirical “child.” If it sticks then they bet. […]

Is Your Business a Solution?

Early in the technology phase of my business career the market frenzy for new products was such that it was too easy to be technology or product and not solution centric when selling to customers.  We all recall how the rush to buy the next PC that came to market without understanding how we would […]

Starting a Business?

I was recently contacted to advise someone who wanted to develop a business plan for a new business.  The individual was very confident in their qualifications to successfully organize and start this business.  I decided to meet with them to determine if there was the right chemistry for this to be a successful engagement. In […]

It Starts With Vision!

I find that many owners, CEO’s and organization leaders struggle with “planning” for their organization because they have not resolved what the VISION is for their business. They have a vision in mind but they may not have shared it with their leadership team in a convincing way.  Their intent may have been to share […]

Effective Planning: Interest or Commitment

The goal of many businesses is to be effective in their business planning which may range from new products to market forecasts to forecasting supply chain demand to revenue forecast, etc.  In many cases companies invest significant time and resources to their “planning” focus only to fall short of their objectives.  Why? The answer lies […]