Is Your Business Undercapitalized?

Capital is the money that kick starts a new company and provides for equipment, offices, and expenses until revenues grow and takeover the funding of the company operations. Capital is not only needed for new companies but also for existing businesses as they elect to invest in new products, replace aging equipment or to ride […]

Should Your Business Produce a Profit?

There continues to be an ongoing argument regarding the profit motive of capitalism. Those against profit argue that owners, significant company executives and shareholders are motivated by greed at the expense of employees in order to line the pockets of a few.  Is this true, an exaggeration or an attempt by special interests (idealogs), to […]

Breaking Glass Ceilings and Walls

As owners and members of senior leadership we can often become too complacent with the level of review and scrutiny that we apply to our businesses.  I call this the “glass ceiling “ syndrome where we ease into an attitude of believing we have done all we can do and there is nothing else that […]

Cutting Back?: 4 Big Steps to Financial Survival

Since businesses in the US and for the most part the rest of the world cannot print money (unlike our government) when it comes to solving cash flow issues, company leadership have to look inward as to what they can do and make the hard decisions to adjust expenses down to meet lower revenue.  In […]

Cash Flow Modeling: An Early Warning System to Manage Business Financial Health

The day-in day-out duties of running a business can give you a false sense of confidence that you have a good handle on the financial challenges that lie ahead for your business.  One of the most significant omissions that owners and founders make is not committing to a regular process that forecasts or models the […]