Four-step Methodology

“The prevailing style of management must undergo transformation. A system cannot understand itself. The transformation requires a view from outside.” W.Edwards Deming

The Four-step Methodology addresses the core elements of the business from the leadership of the management team, to the competitiveness of the business process under current and anticipated business conditions, to the use of metrics for feedback and process compliance and the organization of the financial tools and systems to manage the business effectively.


Company ownership and leadership team are responsible for the overall health of the organization, which begins with the leadership that they provide on a daily basis. Leadership includes not only the direction of basic operations but also the demeanor and level of access they provide to the rest of the company. Effective communication is key if the full capability of the organization is to be enabled to perform productively.


Company processes can age overtime and become a drag on operational effectiveness. It is critical that business processes be kept up to date with the needs of the company and not reflect the personalities, needs and preferences of individual employees.


Key metrics are important for feedback on critical process points to accurately report thee status of the business and provide an early warning to changes in the process that need attention. Proactively addressing an out of tolerance metric will avoid or minimize impact to product cost, quality and delivery

Organized Financial’s

The financial tools and system are often used to support the needs of accounting and are not tuned to meet the needs of management to effectively manage the company. Where possible financial tools should be organized along operation or product lines, which can then be aligned with organizational responsibility. This alignment will improve functional responsibility and accountability.

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