Leadership is the cornerstone performance factor in Creating Above-market Value.  Why?  Leaders set the tone for the culture of the company, establish the compelling vision, stimulating higher performance standards and organizing the resources of the company – people, equipment and investment – toward the successful achievement of objectives.

Good leaders are high energy individuals who are constantly in touch with the pulse of their company.  They perfect good communication skills that reach to all levels of the company.  They are humble in their view of themselves and recognize and praise the performance of others.  They develop trust relationships in and outside of the company as a result of the consistent manner in which they handle their personal and business responsibilities.  They are action oriented with the ability to look around corners and anticipate unexpected events.

We have all seen good leaders and unfortuantley they are not in great abundance.  It is not that leaders are born but too few make the commitment to be a “good” leader and as a result their companies do not enjoy the success that they should.  It is not the economy, it is not the competition, and it is not bad employees – it is the leadership that can make or break a company.

This blog will focus on the leadership traits fundamental to the success using experiences, observations and applications that I hope will apply to your circumstances.  If your actual experience is not represented in the blog please contact me and it may be something that I have not experienced or chosen to blog but your message will be an inducement to comment.


  1. You made a few excellent points there. I did a search about the subject and barely got any specific details on other websites, but then great to be here, really, thanks.

    – Lucas

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