The CXO Forum is designed specifically for company owners and senior leadership executives with P/L responsibilities who are looking for effective methods to address today's business challenges. Much of my consulting is addressed at these issues and I decided to develop this forum to share a four-step methodology that I have found to be effective in turning around high-risk business conditions, leading to growth and success by taking control of the business essentials that other owners and senior leadership learned they could change.

Hear what an attendee of a preview of this program has to say about the CXO Forum:
"Mike is a recognized business consulting professional that has developed a program for all owners and executive leaders that are struggling in today’s uncertain business climate. Attending this forum will refocus your energies and learn how to apply basic principles to getting your business under control and back on track. I strongly encourage any owner or executive leader to attend the forum and confirm that they are taking advantage of all of the tools necessary to successfully navigate their companies through the stressful business conditions that we see today!”
Woody Hertzog, CEO, SpectraLux Redmond, WA

Spend a day with a small group of your peers and score your capability, effectiveness and understanding of your leadership strengths, business process and feedback mechanisms, and application of financial tools to run your business. The most important step will be the development of a near-term plan to implement key action items to address constructive change in your business. Click here for a more complete description of the CXO Forum.





Mike Brice comments on the CXO Forum.

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