Five Value Factors

To secure above-market value and maximum return on your investment, you need to recognize and clearly demonstrate your company's key benefits and features. The first step is taking a good, hard look at 5 fundamental business factors that determine the potential for achieving above-market value.

  1. Demonstrate financial stability for the last 2 - 3 years.

    Do you have a positive financial performance worthy of consideration? Even if you don't have three consistent years, are you moving in a purposeful direction in the marketplace?

  2. Put your financial house in order.

    Public companies have significantly raised the stakes for all companies in the accounting processes. Can you satisfy this increased requirement and avoid devaluation by a potential suitor?

  3. Make sure your leadership team can demonstrate the ability to drive the company, independent from the owners.

    Is the company's performance a reflection of you, or does it rest on the shoulders of your management team? The new company will assess the ability of your leadership team, in the absence of your founder/owner/CEO to move the business forward and realize the return on their investment.

  4. Be strategically positioned to satisfy the demands of customers in the next 3 - 5 years.

    How prepared are you to meet and overcome inevitable marketplace forces in a dynamic global economy? A convincing, strategic response can significantly increase your company's value to a prospective buyer.

  5. Establish customer good will.

    This often overlooked essential factor, highly prized by interested buyers, asks how you are regarded in the marketplace by your customers, competitors and partners. Their collective assessment helps determine your ultimate value.