Higher Education

Higher education is more dependant upon external financial support than ever before. It is, therefore, critical for the university to clearly communicate its vision to prospective donors. It is not easy for a diverse centers of education to come together and form a common vision that is sufficiently clear to the intended audience and substantive enough to address the direction of the academic community.


Conducting a strategic planning process in an academic setting requires that a number of diverse issues be considered that are not normally typical of a traditional for-profit business model. The time scale is longer providing for the group to reach a consensus. The planning horizon is also longer where a typical business would look at a strategic plan for a three-to-five year period. A strategic plan for a university will need to consider objectives as far out as 15 or more years due to funding of new programs and the building of necessary facilities to accommodate them.


Client services in this market have included:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Executive Coaching

Clients that I have served in the higher education are: