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August, 2011

Excellence: Learning from Mistakes

Excellence and mistakes are not usually synonymous but organizations that become regarded as excellent learn from their mistake and the mistakes of others on their way to excellence. While it is important to recognize when a mistake happens it is more important to recognize what valuable lesson has been learned that, if applied properly, will help the organization avoid the same problem the next time similar conditions occur.

Much of my "good" experience is the result of learning from lessons I have learned from mistakes that either I have made myself or have witnessed others doing. I did not intend to want to learn by making mistakes but despite my best effort they did occur and over time I was fortunately able to reduce their incidence - but not completely.

The fear of making a mistake can cause many people to not make decisions. Consequently they withdraw and avoid challenging issues. These people are not good in a leadership situation where unpredictable circumstances require an appropriate solution.


Leaders on the other hand step forward and draw upon what they have learned from making mistakes, make a careful assessment of the conditions they are faced with and then make a calculated decision on how to move forward even if it puts them outside their comfort zone. They do this with confidence in their ability to deal with the unexpected that may rise ahead as they execute their decision.

Does this mean that you can become a leader by being reckless and expect the shear number of . . . Read More.

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This article contrasts the attitude to act quickly to avoid economic stress on the business versus staying true to the long term goals of the business. Ana discusses the pressure of short term risk adverse measures with long-term decisions to stay on course. Ultimately it is the balance of managerial courage in the context of financial crisis that will define the successful leader.

What is your managerial behavior in this situation? How do you balance the need or compelling circumstances to make a short-term decision versus holding onto long term strategies. What is your managerial courage?

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