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August, 2012

Six Principles to Build a Unique Business

As business owners, leaders and professionals we are constantly instructed to differentiate our products and services. Despite the best efforts of many they become "me to" businesses adopting what the market leaders are doing without establishing what unique value they offer customers or incorporating the necessary activities to truly operate a unique business like the market leaders.

Companies and professionals who have developed a unique market position have done this in a methodical manner over time and not by accident. The following six principles are characteristics of businesses and professionals who have successfully differentiated themselves a unique businesses in the marketplace.


Whether you are trying to be a low-cost provider (Costco, IKEA), product or innovation leader (Microsoft, Apple, Cisco) or a service leader (Nordstrom, Lexus, Walt Disney) your success in being unique will be directly tied to . . . read more.

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Feature Article

"5 Ways Storytelling Can Boost Participation and Performance"

by Kare Anderson, Contributor,

What is your group communication style? Is it effective? This article emphasizes the effectiveness of using story telling techniques to engage with your audience in a way that will result in people remembering what you shared with them.

The article lists five story telling methods that can be very effective.

  1. Sear Your Story in Their Minds with a Surprise at the End
  2. Leaders Boost Worker Initiative, Performance and Morale With Stories
  3. Tell it So They Want to Re-tell it
  4. Use the C.A.R. (Context, Action, Result) That Can Drive Your Story Farther
  5. Vivid Characterizations are Key to Attracting Opportunities in Work and in Life

Story telling is not something we all come by naturally. Many who seem to be naturals have used professionals to develop and perfect their story and story delivery techniques.

Click here to read the complete article.

Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Do you use a story format as a way to communicate information?
  • Do you do this extemporaneously or use prepared material?
  • How do you measure your effectiveness?

If you are unsure about your 'story telling' ability contact Mike to learn about the Executive Coaching services available from Brice Consulting for you and your organization.

Management Resources
Teamwork: Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School professor, describes how to manage intellectually diverse and geographically dispersed groups..
Teamwork on the Fly (2.32 min)

Incorporation: Most entrepreneurs should consider incorporating as soon as they start their business. But if you're already up-and-running and haven't done so yet, attorney Nina Kaufman offers these three times when incorporating can be a smart move:
3 Reasons to Incorporate Your Business (1 min)

Employee Morale: Fat paychecks, light workloads, and endless vacation days don't necessarily add up to happy employees. In fact, the most content workers in the U.S. credit their bliss to first-rate employee incentives, ample benefits, career advancement programs, and great work-life balance. The companies that have been the most dedicated to cultivating and advancing these things in the past year have seen employee happiness soar.
The Companies With The Biggest Jumps In Employee Happiness

Skilled Employees: Is there a shortage of skills among American workers? How can there be 12.8 million unemployed people in the U.S. yet hundreds of thousands of jobs, particularly in manufacturing are going unfilled?
There Are Far Too Few Skilled Workers For Some Jobs? Really?

Social Media: Sure, she understands Instagram. But do you really want a new grad controlling your brand online?
11 Reasons a 23-Year-Old Shouldn't Run Your Social Media

Personal Development: If you're not exercising this emotional muscle, you're probably setting yourself up for failure.
True Secret to Success (It's Not What You Think)

Customer: There are several key factors that can cause a customer to sign on the dotted line. Make sure your offering is tied to one or more.
12 Things Customers Care About

New Employees: What will the possible flood of new job applicants mean for small business owners? And how should small employers deal with existing employees who present work authorizations along with admissions that they were not previously authorized to work?
Lawyers Expect Young Immigrants to Flood Small Employers

Business Loans: In 2011, the number of small loans ($1 million or less) to businesses dropped 4.7 percent from the year before, the Small Business Administration recently reported. The number of loans is now down to about three-quarters of its 2008 peak. Why has the number continued to drop since the end of the Great Recession?
Is the CARD Act Hampering Small Business Borrowing?

Teamwork: Trying to manage people who have a poor attitude can feel like a losing battle. Negativity, left unchecked, will eventually stunt team performance. The first step to reinstate the positive? Learning to distinguish real negativity from someone who simply doesn't agree with you.
How to stop negativity from poisoning your team

Business Development: Business owners pay incredible attention to detail - to even the most minute details - during a start-up. A maturing customer base, reasonably steady cash flow, and added layers of management naturally create a shift in focus and attention. That shift in focus can be a good thing ,,, unless in the process your business starts to drift away from what made it successful in the first place.
8 Signs Your Business Is Losing Its Edge

Productivity: Getting more done at work is easier than you think. By making a few simple changes, workers and employees alike can improve productivity at work. 
6 Tips to Work Smarter Without Working Harder

Disaster Planning: Many of us think that natural disasters happen somewhere else to someone else. Even if we have some inkling that we might be at risk, we’re lulled into a false sense of security in the belief that we’re prepared. Big mistake. 
Manage Through the Unthinkable With a Disaster Plan

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