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December, 2011

Business Model vs. Business Plan

The cornerstone in preparing a successful strategic plan is the integrity and effectiveness of the business model that the company uses to exploit opportunities. Too often energy and urgency is applied to developing a business plan without determining if the business model is structured and resourced for success.

What is the difference between a business model and a business plan?

Business Model: A proprietary combination of values, strategic resources and culture designed to create and deliver products and or services that are valued in the market place.

Business Plan: Details the business opportunity that company leadership will use the model to exploit.

Using a sports car analogy the business model can be viewed as the wheels, drive train, instrumentation, interior and suspension of the business. Whereas the business plan would . . . Read More.

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Feature Article

"Three Ways to Make Leadership Happen"

by Cynthia McCauley,

This article takes a holistic view of creating leadership. Cynthia expands the discussion of leadership to the dynamics of manager and employee exchanges, interactions among team members, the quality of relationships throughout the organization and the enactment of the organizational process.

She outlines three important strategies.

  1. Pay attention to whether leadership is happening.
  2. Make more leadership happen.
  3. Improve your own ability to participate in the making of leadership.

The first strategy places a major emphasis on looking for evidence of three outcomes (DAC):

  1. Direction.
  2. Alignment
  3. Commitment.

Her premise is that by paying attention to outcomes, you will not only begin to discern when more leadership is needed, but will also see what is necessary to produce the desired levels of DAC.

Click here to red the complete article.

Note: Following this suggested strategy requires commitment upon senior leadership to be involved and not just sit back and assume leadership will happen. Cynthia summarizes in her last sentence "that leadership can only happen with others."

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