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December, 2014

Exit Strategy: Do You Have a Roadmap to Success?

There are many business owners today that are approaching the final phase of running their business where they have to consider how they are going to exit (leave the company) and on what terms. While there are many scenarios that can be played out there are at least three key questions that come into play:

  1. What options are possible: sale or succession?
  2. Is the company positioned for an owner exit event?
  3. Will the exit strategy support the desired, after exit, life style and for how long?
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The typical owner facing this decision is in their mid to late 50ís, targeting an exit event in their early 60ís. They have worked hard year-to-year to make the company successful while affording them a reasonable income. Even though the company is a success and has provided a comfortable living the business may not be ready or positioned for . . . read more.
Mike Brice
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Feature Article

The 7 Worst Speaking Mistakes Professionals Make

by Alison Griswold,

When it comes to professional settings, though, the way we speak -- including tone, pitch, and volume -- is every bit as important, and dramatically affects how bosses and colleagues perceive you. Focus on your speaking ability for major presentations is one thing but we can overlook less formal but professional situations and forget that the quality of our speech is just as important.

The following is a list of the seven speaking mistakes professionals make.

  1. Stuttered or repeated words and fillers
  2. Speaking too quickly
  3. Speaking too quietly
  4. Gravelly voice or vocal fry
  5. Trailing off at the end of phrases
  6. Uptalk, or phrasing statements as questions
  7. Speaking in a monotone voice

Are you conscious of the quality of your speech in important sessions with prospects, customers, and peers?

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Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Do you practice your delivery of important messages?
  • Do you get feedback from associates on how you can improve your speech?
  • Do you listen to others whose speaking style you respect in order to improve your own speaking skills?

If you are looking for guidance on developing your sales process contact Mike to learn about the Executive Coaching services available from Brice Consulting for you and your organization.

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