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February, 2014

Carpe Diem: Make Your Business Extraordinary

Carpe Diem, translated as “seize the day”, is from a Carpe Diem poem published in 23BC by the Latin poet Horace. The meaning of this phrase is to not trust the future (or tomorrow,) but to do all one can today to make one’s future better. In a business context, it is to maximize your current opportunities that are presented to you today to make your business extraordinary.
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Poor Application
I have witnessed this phrase used to justify risky business behavior, to promote one’s self-importance, or to intimidate those that take a more cautious and methodical approach to managing business conditions. In these cases, it seems, there is more focus on the pleasure of the moment without concern for the future. That is, some leaders will put aside all differences, fears, and worries and just go for it.

Best Application
Carpe diem has been best utilized to develop an organization culture that prepares itself to proactively “seize the day” each day intentionally through . . . read more.
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Feature Article

Success Story: 7 Hints From One Of
The UK's Top Saleswomen

by Hester Lacey, Contributor

Judy Naaké, one of the UK’s top saleswomen, built the St Tropez self-tan market in Britain from zero in 1995 to a business worth £70 million in little over a decade, before selling it to venture capitalists. Naaké first sold St Tropez out of the boot of her car - but after talking to her for five minutes, you realize she could probably sell anything, from anywhere, to anyone.

Measure your sales behavior against Judy's seven hints:
  1. You can't do business with people you don’t know.
  2. Live and breathe your product.
  3. Don't underestimate the power of meeting face to face.
  4. Be available.
  5. Talent and graft (hard work) count as much as certificates.
  6. Sell yourself as well as your product.
  7. Smile.
Click here to read the complete article.
Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Do you know who you want to do business with?
  • Do you manage your time effectively so that you are available to your clients?
  • Do you sell yourself well?

If you are looking for guidance to on developing a productive sales behavior contact Mike to learn about the Executive Coaching services available from Brice Consulting for you and your organization.

Leadership Resources
Sales Model: Sales motivation speaker and sales trainer Victor Antonio gives you a simple sales model to understand why clients won't buy your product or service.
How to Close a Sale - 5 Reasons Clients Don't Buy (5:01 min)

Leadership: ScottWilliams provides 10 clear distinctives to help understand the difference between a manager and a leader.
Top 10 Differences Between Managers and Leaders (5:48 min)

Customer Service: Do you think your customer service is more on point than ever? That the cutting-edge technology you've put in place has brought your customer game to a new level?
Well, there's a good chance you're wrong.
Most companies fail customer service test

Organizational Development: Women want to help other women succeed. It's why we have special mentoring groups, and "Women in Business" lunches, right? Theoretically, and maybe on a conceptual level. But, studies suggest that women don't like to compete with women who are younger and prettier than they are.
Are other women the cause of the glass ceiling?

Personal Development: People are buzzing about volunteering these days, and with good reason: Studies have shown that volunteering strengthens communities, is good for your health - and can even help you land a job..
3 Volunteer Opportunities That Will Seriously Boost Your Career

Work Environment: When I first started my company, my office could be anything from the public library, a co-working space, or any coffee shop with free Wifi. But as I grew my team, the need for a "real" office grew as well. I then invested time and effort seeking out the right space and the things to put in it.  
Pimping The Workplace: How To Set Up Your Company's Office For Success

SEO Strategy: Two of the main components of a strong SEO strategy are the same as they has always been: to publish high-quality content that gets read and linked to by as many people as possible (i.e. quality content and inbound links).
The Three Pillars Of SEO In 2014

Organization: No, it's not your CMO, CFO, or even you. It's your assistant. These unsung heroes are the ones who really run the show.
The Most Important Person in Your Office Isn't Who You Think

Personal Productivity: The best way to make sure your day has a solid start is to have a great ending to the day before. If you finish your day stressed and worried with lots of loose ends, it will impact your time at home as well as your sleep.  String a few of these unhappy endings together and you'll watch your productivity plummet like a rock.
Want to Be Truly Productive? End Each Day Like This

Successful Behavior: As a young ambitious TV producer, I once sat on the advisory board of an international television festival. Arriving late for a meeting one evening, the colleague I sat next to commented, "Yes you must be very busy." I was producing a massive internationally co-produced series. But he ran a national network. His comment was a subtle but unmistakable put-down I've never forgotten. High-achievers are punctual.
Why do success and punctuality go together?

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