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January, 2012

Meek Leadership

Many people often, incorrectly, believe that leadership is something that is based on image and physical attributes. Society has conditioned us to react to those who have an attractive image or possess above average physical attributes - size, strength or ability. But do these outward traits have a direct impact on how effective a person may be in a leadership position?

Typical Management Styles
I have experienced many leadership styles in my career ranging from autocratic to participative to a hands-off free reign style. It can be argued that there are circumstances and situations where each of these distinct styles has


positive and negative characteristics. In each style the leader may execute their leadership responsibility with charismatic charm, a physical and overbearing presence, intellectual elitism, political savvy, etc.

The bottom-line in these examples is that the leader involved rarely showed . . . read more.

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Feature Article

"Leadership Is Not An Entitlement Program"

by Drew Hansen,

In this article Drew interviews Mike Myatt, author of "Leadership Matters . . . The CEO Survival Manual" where Mike explains what sets great leaders apart from those who merely occupy a position or hold a title.

The interview covers the following 5 questions.

  1. What makes you believe that we're suffering from a leadership crisis?
    • Leadership: Access to personal gain or privilege - an opportunity to serve.
  2. Who exemplifies leadership in business today? What sets them apart?
    • Leadership: Helping others succeed.
  3. You say that leaders are not trained, they're developed. What do you see as the future of leadership development?
    • Leadership: Coach them, mentor them, disciple them and develop them.
  4. How can mentors and coaches help?
    • Leadership: Retain the best advisor you an afford - quality and experience matter.
  5. What type of organizational structure fosters a culture of leadership?
    • Leadership: Creates a culture that empowers, attracts, differentiates, and sustains.

Click here to read the complete article.

Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • How are you handling the responsibility of developing Leadership in your organization?
  • If you are the Leader how are you mentoring and coaching leaders that report to you?
  • Are you committed to a culture of Leadership?

If you are unsure about where you are on the Leadership track contact Mike to learn about the Leadership Workshop for you and your organization. Don't wait for Leadership to happen - take action now and Lead!

Management Resources
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