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July, 2012
Correction: The July iLetter had a bad link in the next article. It is now corrected it. I apologize for any confusion that it created. Mike

Business: Values & Principles

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather
to make man a more clever devil.”
C. S. Lewis

“Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.”
Abraham Lincoln

Values and principles the key component of any organization and they define the basis upon which decisions are made and organization conduct occurs. Used as the basis for communicating what a business stands for they really define what the leadership - as individuals - is prepared to honor in every aspect of directing the business, motivating employees and cultivating relationships with customers and the community.


What are examples of values and principles?
The following are example from prominent businesses of values and principles that form the basis upon which they have established highly regarded reputations for their work environment, market leadership, product . . . read more.

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Feature Article

"The 6 People You Need in Your Corner"

by Jessica Hagy, Contributor,

Have you surrounded yourself with the right team - either directly through employment or informally through associates or mentors? The range of decisions that today's leaders are called to make requires an effective use of others in order to improve the effectiveness and timeliness of your decisions

The article and take a look at the 10 steps to build a social enterprise.

  1. Instigator - inspiration.
  2. Cheerleader - motivation.
  3. Doubter - reason.
  4. Taskmaster - progress.
  5. Connector - cooperation and community.
  6. Example - authority.

A team of professionals that you surround yourself with will enhance the quality of your decisions, actions and success.

Click here to read the complete article.

Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Have your surrounded yourself with the right talent to advise you?
  • Are you big enough to test your thoughts with them?
  • Can you move forward with a position that is not totally yours?

If you are unsure about your 'social enterprise' strategy contact Mike to learn about the Executive Coaching services available from Brice Consulting for your organization.

Management Resources
Handling Criticism: Group Harmonics CEO Ed Muzio outlines how using SARAH can help you respond to criticism in an effective way.
Effective ways of dealing with criticism (4.06 min)

Sales: Frank Cespedes, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, on how to connect what your people sell with your business goals.
Aligning Strategy and Sales (3:12 min)

Sales Message: If you can’t tell me what you do in 15 seconds, I’m not buying, I’m not investing, and I’m not interested.
How to Pitch Anything in 15 Seconds

Vision: Some leaders clearly have poor vision - their most polished skill seems to be running into brick walls. Other leaders simply possess adequate vision - they avoid the obvious speed bumps, but fail to stand out from the crowd. Then there are those leaders who possess legendary vision - the rare few who can see around corners.
How To Predict The Future

Motivation: Churchill understood, people need to be reminded of their positive qualities - and their poor behavior must be characterized as being out of character. Accusations and scolding only reinforce the negatives.
What Would Winston Do?

Conflict: The secret to my personal and company success is using conflict to identify the path forward. I don't mean you should walk around looking for a fight, but the best ideas and results come out of healthy discussions about what's not working.
My Secret Company Growth Strategy: Conflict

Team Work: My CEO caller had identified half the challenge in his company. He was quick to spot the side of the problem that faced him - the fact that his trusted middle managers, the people responsible for daily blocking and tackling, were tiring of constant organizational reinvention. As the CEO pointed out, people in fear can easily see changes as threatening, and resist them.
Need Buy-In From the Team? Open Up

Battles: Most of us waste all sorts of time and energy fighting battles we really can't win. Why we do that, I have no idea. I suspect there are lots of reasons that have one thing in common: They're never good enough to justify the cost or the futility of it all.
8 battles you can never win

CRM: The customer may always right, but that doesn't mean all customers are easy to deal with. Anyone who's ever worked in customer service can tell you, customers can be downright unruly. Still, if you want to stay in business, you've got to deal with them.
10 Ways to Handle Difficult Customers

Marketing Tools: A successful business is a well-marketed business - it's a truism that was probably written somewhere on Moses' tablets. Measuring small business marketing success doesn't need to be difficult or expensive, and small businesses should not despair
7 Tools for Measuring Your Marketing ROI

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