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July, 2013

Business Assessment ROI: 5 Critical Factors

High performing companies conduct some form of regular (annual or bi-annual) assessment of their business practices. A business assessment measures how well the current or observed business practices of a company compare to a set of industry appropriate best practices.

Larger companies may use an internal multi-discipline team or internal audit group to measure and report performance compared to best practices. Smaller companies find it more effective to use a consulting group or assessment tool as part of a continuous business practice improvement process.

Assessments may focus on broad areas such as board governance, leadership, organization or specific business functions such as sales, finance or human resources.

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Return On Investment
Business assessment consultants and assessment tools are available in many forms from a variety of sources; some more reputable than others. However, the key question for a company new to this concept is, “Can an investment in an assessment of one or more areas of the company produce a reasonable Return On Investment or ROI?” . . . read more.

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Feature Article

Top CIO's Become Business Process Czars

by Phil Weinzimer,

This article highlights a growing trend in business for CIO's, due to their knowledge of the complexities of the business by virtue of the integrated systems they manage, to streamline business processes and make their companies more competitive. Business acumen and organization skills and prerequisites to assist business execs who do not have the bandwidth to comprehend ever-changing process complexities.

Experienced CIO's can bring new concepts common in IT to managing business processes and making them more productive.

  • In one case the CIO used an Enterprise Process Map (a basic tool used to improve IT performance) to identify business processes that needed to be improved to support the company's aggressive growth.
  • Another set up a Business Integration Office to integrate new acquisitions into the corporate business model.
  • A third example resulted in the CIO recognizing that a very manual process could be automated resulting in 80% improvement.

Read the full article for more information on how using your in house senior IT person or an industry professional to be effective in identifying how they can make your business processes more productive.

Click here to read the complete article.

Note: Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Do you have an Enterprise Map of your business processes?
  • Do you have a business process improvement strategy?
  • Do you have a plan to automate manual processes or integrate islands of automation?

If you are looking for guidance on developing a business plan contact Mike to learn about the Process Review & Analysis services available from Brice Consulting for you and your organization.

Management Resources
Balance Scorecard: Erica Olsen explains the basic concept of the balanced scorecard and how businesses use it to monitor and guide their performance.
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Leadership: The secret to leadership is there aren't any real secrets. The best leaders have simply gone to school on improving their tradecraft.
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Employee Development: If you receive a promotion or new position, you'll need to have a plan in place for your departure - including a solid suggestion for someone to fill your role. And that means you need to be preparing your employees for leadership now.
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Ethics: We have discovered, just as surely as we have learned to build and sell award-winning software, that these things - the unmeasurables - are the essence that brings the heart and soul of a company to life.
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Networking: Influence is no longer about doing something to someone to get what you want. Real influence is about forging deep connections quickly, stepping into someone’s world authentically, and striving for consistent win/win outcomes.
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Financial Metrics: I've always just done things using my gut instinct.  Yet, in the face of some cash flow hiccups this past year, I decided I was missing a fundamental understanding of key indicators that would help me guard against, rather than react to, financial ups and downs. 
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Cloud Computing: Bring up the cloud and you're likely to find people who either love it or don't trust it - no matter how secure and reliable you tell them it is.
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Leadership: Typically, we choose our leaders for their skill at conveying messages clearly and powerfully. But, in my experience, it's their ability to receive messages that distinguishes the best leaders from the rest.
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Marketing: Despite all these things:  snazzy new marketing efforts, aesthetics and menu overhaul, it all came crumbling down for me after about 15 minutes. The impact of the millions spent on marketing was instantly voided due to the abysmal experience at this establishment. From my vantage point, their marketing strategy died on the spot.
What Can Kill an Excellent Marketing Strategy

Process: As organizations strive to make the most of limited resources, A growing number of accountants are learning to see waste in a new light.
Accounting for Waste

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